The world's most stunning diving spots. Bucket list diving in Norway!

Updated: Jan 4

The diving in the Nordics can't be that good, or can they? Choose from cave diving in crystal clear water, diving the worlds largest tidal stream Saltstraumen or heading for the historic WW2 wrecks of Narvik.

Welcome to the Plura cave, a marble castle - unlike any other. Photo: Pekka Tuuri.

Dive with ease at Plura Cave

With everything close to the cave you can arrive on site with your dry suit, fins and mask and the rest will be taken care of. There is training available on site, and educated guides to provide you the best possible cave diving experience.

"Grand cave diving, astounding location, extremely good and friendly service - like you would be visiting friends. It just doesn't get more Nordic than this" - Roope Flinkman, Marine scientist, scientific & exploration diver, Badewanne dive team.

Plura cave line map from the first section of the cave.


The worlds largest tidal stream offers a great marine life. Here you can experience large schools of pollock, and get in close contact with a large cod that graze in the kelp forest. Meet impressive wolffish face to face. Enjoy the sight of a huge halibut that gracefully sails through the water. Study beautiful nudibranches or colorful anemones, and watch kelp forests dance in the streams.

The strong currents and steep walls make it demanding to dive here so it is recommended with a guide. How demanding the diving is depends on the lunar phase, and how big the difference is at high tide on the day in question.


Diving for everyone. Here you can choose between the shallow wrecks like Wilhelm Heidkamp, Dieter von Roeder and Anton Schmitt - all shallower than 30 meters.

For the deep divers there are also a great selection ranging from battle ships to submarines. If you are into rust and you haven't dived it yet - add it to the bucket list.

Dronning Maud at Narivk, photo: Jukka Repo

Get Inspired

Never tried cold water diving? It sure is worth it. For certified divers all gear can be rented on site, we also have a selection of rental drysuits if you are unsure about making the investment. Contact us if you have any questions!

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