It all started as a love story. Between Ina & Jani and towards the Plura cave and cave diving itself.

Actually, it started long before any of us were born, millions of years ago.

The water has been stremaing through the core of the mountain and eaten through layer upon layer of chalk stone. This has created a massive cave system with spectacular marble formations. You can dive in crystal clear water through massive mountain halls, small side passages or just stay in the cavern zone and play with the Arctic Char.

A dive in Plura is a unique encounter with nature, a weightless journey through the mountain – and an experience of a lifetime. When you reach the Chapel – a giant air chamber stretching half a kilometer – you are 470 meters from the surface.

Just next to the cave entrance lies a small mountain farm, called Jordbru. Since the end of the 17th century the farm has been in the Jordbru family’s possession., and Ina is the 6th generation on the farm. She is also the founder and daily manager of Visit Plura. Ina has always had a sense of curiosity and been eager to see other parts of the world.

In 2016 Ina meets Jani Santala, a finnish cave diving instructor, basi- cally in the back yard of the farm. Jani is a proper dive enthusiast,

chef and electrician. He had been sailing the seven seas and seen all the corners of the world through his job as a Chief Steward.

Their common passion for traveling and exploring the world led them to travel together to Barcelona to figure out if this relationship could turn into somthing more. Long story short – it did!

Ina & Jani on a diving holiday in france
Ina & Jani happily looking out on the cr
Plura Dive Center


Visit Plura is a resort with a full service dive center that offers easy logistics. The cave is located only 500 meters from the dive center and accommodation.


Dive shop with spares and gadgets

Diving courses on all levels



Gas fills (also mixed gases, NX & TX)

Rental gear

Accommodation for 17 people

Sauna and hot tub for 10 people by the river


All located just next to Plura cave